The Importance and The Good of Reading Books

Books are people’s best friend. Well, for some people, dogs may be their bestfriend. But for people like me, who does not speak too much and are less socialize, books have been my favorite thing in this whole world. This is because books are always around us, there is always something new to read or write about. There are lots of importance in reading books. Let me elaborate some for you, dear readers.

First and foremost, books are important in studies. Ever since our people had education, books are the most used media up until now. Surely nowadays, there are more advanced technologies for us to gain knowledge from without even opening a book like ebook on handphones. But do you your remember your first book? The feeling of happiness and the excitement to finally be owning a book? Well, I do. And here I state that education will never be complete without the usage of books.

Next, it is better if we read books rather than hanging around with our laptops, handphones or tablets all the time. The long term effects of the rays might cause us regrets later. For example, impaired eye – sightedness. The rays from the light of all those gadgets could caused impaired eye – sightedness. Studies have proved this fact. So now, can you guess which is better for us? I bet you can. Books, of course!

It is also really good to read books because we can get the feeling of the old days. Specifically, in the 20th century. The old days are always the best. That is when we started to develop, right?

And here is another benefits of reading books. They do not get broken. Unless you purposely do it, of course. Yes, they get old, looks like rags, but if you do not mess with books and keep them very clean and neatly, they could last for years. And as for me, I just love the smell of old books. It is so good and fascinating. Don’t you think so too?

Well, wrapping it up here, books are great because they are our long term bestfriend. And we can carry them around with us where ever we go, and at anytime, anywhere, Hurray for books!

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